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Table example

Index for a TableEdit

Multiple objects of same object can exist in 'MIB', Which are known as Columnar objects . If you want to represent a management information that would ellaborate an object conceptually of complex type, can be represented by a struct with multiple Instances in a form of table. Each row in the table containing one instance of the struct, similarly an Array represnted by the table that includes Columnar object that will reprsent the Index of the Array.

Tables need to specify which colums are used to index and identify rows of the table e.g RFC4022:-

In this example tcpConnectionEntry is the defination of the rows of the table. It containing node is tcpConnectionTable, which is not accessible because it is conceptual object. Accessible objects are the individual element of the row i.e the Columnar objects. The above mentioned two aspects define a table row unique.

Index clause present only the with object types that define a table entry.It designates the Columnar objects that are used to uniquely identify row in the table. In this scnario, row in the tcpconnectiontable is identified by combination of the local TCP connection address and port, and the remote TCP connection address. Syntax clause refers to data type of tcpconnectionentry.

Reference: Chapter 6 "Network Mangement Fundamentals by Alexander Clemm"