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EtherStats discussion Edit

Statistics Group contains the basic statistics for each monitored subnetwork.

In this group, EtherStats Table is for ethernet interfaces. It collects a varIety of counts for each attached subnetwork. EtherStats Table includes byte, packet, error, and frame size counts.

Ethernet statistics such as CRC aligment errors, collisions, undersized and oversized packet are measured by both Dot3Stats MIB RFC1643) and EtherStats in RMON.

  • For EtherLike MIB: It observes behaviour in managed network element such as collisions when it tx/rx. Dot3Stats table collects statistics for a single system on an ethernet.
  • For EtherStats in RMON: It observes the link such as collisions involving any tx/rx. EtherStats table collects statistics for all systems attached to an ethernet.

etherStatsDataSource identifies the interface that is the source of the data in this row.

Other points:

  • etherStatsPkts records distribution of frame lengths
  • History of etherStats can be recorded using HistoryControl+ etherHistoryEntry
  • There are similar tokenRing extensions
  • RMON2 has protocolDist, which is used to record packet/byte count for arbitrary protocols.


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