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Cable testing

Linkrunner: higher layer features

Sample tool: Fluke LinkRunnerEdit

  • LinkRunner, a product of Fluke company, is a device for troubleshooting problem in the Physical Layer in the network. Typical problems include: determining whether the drop is active, finding cable problems and tracing the cable paths.

Figure 1: LinkRunner layout

  • Description:
1. RJ-45 LAN port
2. RJ-45 MAP port: used to determine wiring map
3. Selection buttons:
Left - Highlight
Right - Action
4. Power button
5. Batteries (2AA)
6. Link indicator light
- Is this an active Ethernet port?
- What speed/duplex is the hub/switch configured for?
- Where does the cable go?

Figure2: Fluke LinkRunner screen

  • LinkRunner can perform the following test quickly:

1. Link:

- Determine whether the drop is active
- Identify its speed, duplex capabilities(1)
e.g: (4) Half-Duplex connection and speed is 100Mbps
- Graph: link utilisation over time (5)

2. Length:

- Determine whether the cable length is within specifications
- What type it is (straight or crossover)? What is on ends?
e.g: (2),crossover cable, LinkRunner on the left and switch on the right
- Whether it has any faults

  • Recommended Retail Price: $500