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Managed Objects Edit

Managed Objects definition

Management information that is provided by a management agent provides an abstraction of these real-world aspects for management purposes. We refer to a chunk of management information that exposes one of these real-world aspects as a managed object (MO). An MO could represent a device fan along with its operational state, a port on a line card along with a set of statistical data, or a firewall rule. Many management protocols, including the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), use their own flavor of MO, but now we refer to an MO in its more general sense—that is, not tied to any particular management protocol. An “MO” could thus be a MIB object in SNMP, a parameter in a command-line interface (CLI) command, or an element of an XML documentin a web-based management interface.

Managed Objects represent resources

The actual real-world aspects of the entity being managed that MOs represent are referred to as real resources or managed resources, to distinguish them from their management abstraction, the managed objects. Just as the entirety of all real resources constitutes the managed real-world entity, the entirety of all MOs constitutes the managed device’s MIB. In effect, the managed device consists of a “ real resource plane” that exists independent of its need to be managed; the “management plane” provides the management infrastructure and views on it. The figure below depicts the relationship between the different terms.


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