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Causes 2: OriginEdit

Many failures because of their origin reason:
Environmental which means the failures not form system but because of natural disaster or engineering construction . Such as , fire ,earthquake and back-hoe destroy the fiber or cable.
--- Platform:
Hardware problems:Some physical and mechanical wear damage because of ageing and corrosion. Such as rusting in case of iron and steel .
Software problems: When software running for a long time which can increase the chance of exploring all possible states & identifying all latent bugs .
---System state:
A scenario is the complete identified possible sequence and system states leading to end failures system states. Such as , router may learn misinformation.(

Error event when you try to start the Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router Service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Configuration: Operator error lead to over 50% of web site failures . Such as, system reset to default configuration by mistake.operator lack of skill ,or operator define incorrect settings for system parameters.(Incorrect configuration change inJanuary 2001 to the routers on theedge of Microsoft's DNS network disrupts,,, )