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MODULE-COMPLIANCE is for compliance to standard, different from PICS, see Standard options and Conformance requirements

==Extract of RFC4293 IP MIB==

The example below lists the groups of objects that must be supported by an implementation of IP (i.e. are mandatory) in order for that implementation to comply to the IP standard.

Some objects are only mandatory for particular implementations, e.g. the ipSystemStatsHCOctetGroup object provides a High Count (HC) of the number of octets sent and is only mandatory "for systems that have an aggregate bandwidth of greater than 20MB"[/s].

    STATUS     current
            "The compliance statement for systems that implement IP -
             either IPv4 or IPv6....

    MANDATORY-GROUPS { ipSystemStatsGroup,   ipAddressGroup,
                       ipNetToPhysicalGroup, ipDefaultRouterGroup,
                       icmpStatsGroup }

    GROUP ipSystemStatsHCOctetGroup
           "This group is mandatory for systems that have an aggregate
            bandwidth of greater than 20MB. 
    OBJECT     ipv6IpForwarding
    MIN-ACCESS read-only
           "An agent is not required to provide write access to this

List the objects that can be managed about internet protocol, these objects run the protocol and can be grouped with similar objects

This example is only for the management of the protocol, like optional routers to access the file management, not implement protocol itself

MIB stands for Management Information Base (MIB)

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