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Security objectivesEdit

Security in network management means to protect telecommunication networks and systems from unauthorized access. In other words, network managers are trying to limit the role of intruders.</p>

Security can be classified into the following four aspects:

  • Secrecy. Also known as confidentiality & privacy in SNMP. This means intruder can not detect the information or traffic sending from source to destination. Intruders would never know the details of traffic including: occurrence, timing, length, etc.
  • Integrity. What is received is what was transmitted. Destination receives what source sends, unmodified by intruders. Refer to Reliability on slide 27 lec 2 from TELE9751
  • Authentication. Destination knows who sends packets to it.
  • Timeliness. Destination receives it just after source sends it. Not excessively delayed.

As to how to implement Security, refer to Security mechanisms .

See also in-vs out-of-band issues 2


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