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RMON devices are controlled by modifying the RMON-MIB. Also, RMON-MIB contains statistical data collected by the device. The objects in RMON-MIB can be represented as tables. This is easy for human to understand and manipulate these information. These tables are divided into control tables and data tables.

Control TableEdit

Control tables have read-write permission. Control tables are updated to set up new commands for the RMON device.Control tables are used to configure the monitor in mainly many aspects. They are used to indicate source of measurements, such as which interface to measurements. And they also control how much data of source to be collected, how often to sample and where to report events.

The following data table changes according to parameters set in the control table below.


For control tables, such as in 3P, HistoryControlEntry, includes some control orders.

Data TableEdit

Data tables have read permission. These tables contain statistical data. The data tables store the collected data. Using an RMON probe involves basic SNMP setup (IP address and SNMP community string), telling it what to collect, then looking at the collected data (via the data tables).

The example of Data Table showed below.

For data tables, another example can be seen in 1H.It shows the orders which is to hold many kind of state in RMON1 EtherStats.


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