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This page introduces out-of-band management as a mechanism to provide Security Management at the Physical layer in {xxRT Security mechanisms . Benefits of out-band managementIn terms of security, by using out-band management, the management plane is physically isolated of the production network and then it is not exposed to be accessed by conventional users. Then, the work for malicious attackers is harder given that they would need to access physically to the equipment to perform their attacks.Benefits of in-band managementIn terms of performance, network management works faster over network interfaces that are used to send production traffic. The reason is that the speed of these interfaces is in the order of Mbps, Gbps whereas out-of-band interfaces, as the ones used to access to console port, use speed connections around 19kpbs.Also, by using in-band management, NM utilises recursively the network existent to perform management since he does not use extra infrastructure to perform such functions. Therefore, NM cares about only one network instead of two (it is, production and management network) what make his work easier by controlling only one network closely.On the other hand, because management network is smaller than production network, is easier to manage and therefore does not need its own infrastructure.