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Before SNMPv3 improved the security of SNMP, Network Managers often relied on Command Line Interfaces (CLIs), but they lacked a mechanism to asynchronously notify the NM about network events. syslog provides such a mechanism.

There are three different way to collect data into a textfile, as the log file for later queries during the network management processes----Polling, Syslog and SNMP traps.


Syslog is a standardized mechanism for logging in computer systems. Initially, It is the standard logging solution on Unix and Unix-like systems. But now other applications began using it. It can record equipment logs such as routers, switches, servers and so on. Managers can check every event in systems through syslog. In addition, it can receive remote system logging dealing with records in chronological order, and save in a documentary form.

IETF extensionsEdit

The open standards organization Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) extends network event notifications and protocol for carrying syslog data as shown below.

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