Know: RMON definitions of good and bad, Structure of Management Information [::=, SEQUENCE, etc], RMON versionsnlHostalHost, hostTable , Recognize:

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Host groupEdit

This slide focuses on showing an example of Host group.

Host group counts bad parkets in contrast to RMON2 nlHost and alHost only count good packets.

The definition of HostEntry is presented as following.
HostEntry ::=SEQUENCE {
hostAddress OCTET STRING
hostCreationOrder Integer32 % useful when created
hostIndex Integer32
hostInPkts Counter32 % good pkts to this address

hostOutPkts Counter32 % good or bad pkts from this address

hostInOctets Counter32
hostOutOctets Counter32 % in good or bad pkts
hostOutErrors Counter32 % bad pkts
hostOutBroadcastPkts Counter32 % good pkts only
hostOutMulticastPkts Counter32

relative to: 1)xxVE, in this silde, it introdunced the function of host group and components (host control table and two data table) of host group.

             2)xxTE, in this slide, it introduced the definition of good and bad packets.

Counts of bad pkts assume that address was not bad in packet. In contrast, RMON2 nlHost and alHost only count good packets