Background: Know: control and data tables, requested, granted , Get request (and others: get-next and get-bulk) , Prerequisites - protocol headers, packet capture, Recognize:

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Capture GroupEdit

  • The Packet Capture group allows packets to be captured flow through the channel and usually contains the normal control in NM. It has two tables which are buffer control table and capture buffer table that the implementation of the filter group are required.

I. Buffer Control Table :

(a) The buffer control table have the information about the size of the buffer and also tells either it is requested or the permission granted.
(b) The size of the buffer is defined in bytes.
(c) The capture slice size in the buffer control table is actually the number of packet bytes that can be stored. It usually handles the Internet protocol,TCP,Ethernet/ Eth.
(d) The download slice size and the offset terms determines that from where the SNMP can start retrieving their packets, and what could be the size of each request being retrieved (in bytes).






II. Capture Buffer Table:

(a) Contains Almost every information about the packets being transmitted/ received.
(b) Contains what is inside the packet. (packet data)
(c) Informs how long the packet is, number of bytes. (Packet length)
(d) How long will packet take to be generated or being responded. (Packet Time)


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