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Management entitiesEdit

Network elementsEdit

Anything that can be managed separately from other things i.e. hardware devices (e.g. routers) and modules (e.g. interface card) and software processes (e.g. Apache )

  • Router: through managing router, the transmission of data packet among different network can be realized.
  • Interface card: through managing interface card, the data that users want to transmit can be transfered into the discernible format by other devices in the network.
  • Apache: through managing such software, some certain functions can be realised

Managed objectsEdit

A representation of an aspect of an element that can be managed e.g. get/set IP address & default TTL, get count of packets received.

  • Set IP address: only after setting correct IP address can the user access the internet.

Management agentEdit

Software on element that enables management

  • Software router: through managing this, setting some parameters, a PC or sever can realise the same functions as router,what's more, in this way, it can be lower cost.

Network Management System/Centre (NMS/NMC)Edit

Manages objects through agents; often located in a Network Operations Centre

Wikipedia article on NMS


The things which users directly care about

  • Most of the services are included in Performance Management, e.g. volume, throughtput, delay,jitter,loss rate and dependability.