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Contexts and usersEdit

"An SNMP context name or "context" in short, is a collection of management information accessible by an SNMP entity. An item of management information may exist in more than one context. An SNMP entity potentially has access to many contexts."[1] In other words, if a management information has been defined under certain context by an SNMPv3 entity, then any management application can access that information by giving that context name.
A context is identified by the snmpEngineID value of the entity hosting the management information (also called a contextEngineID) and a context name that identifies the specific context (also called a contextName).Context Name and the Conextid need to be provided for an SNMPv3.
A contextEngineID uniquely identifies an SNMP entity that may realize an instance of a context with a particular contextName. Most of the SNMPv3 entities have the snmpEngineID as their contextID.
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An engine may handle multiple “contexts” ,data from/at this SNMP entity– e.g. contextEngineID = engineID , you can check page .

A contextName is used to name a context. Each contextName MUST be unique within an SNMP entity.