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2 thresholds / hysteresis

alarm groupEdit

This sequence defines the group of alarms. The Alarm group defines a set of threshold on the values of objects on MIB and the eventTable to define resoponse.

AlarmEntry ::= SEQUENCE {

alarmIndex Integer32,

alarmInterval Integer32,

%% This row defines the time interval between the different samples.


%% It indicates which RMON1 object should be monitored.

alarmSampleType INTEGER,

%% It states that how to sample with absoluteValue or deltaValue.

alarmValue Integer32,

%% It show the last sampled value.

alarmStartupAlarm INTEGER,

%% It states which status of the current StartupAlarm that may be rising, falling or both.

alarmRisingThreshold Integer32,

alarmFallingThreshold Integer32,

%% These two rows define the threshold when alarm on rising and falling.

alarmRisingEventIndex Integer32,

alarmFallingEventIndex Integer32,

%% These two rows define the indexes eventTable to define response.

alarmOwner OwnerString,

%% A string is written to define the Owner.

alarmStatus EntryStatus

%% It defines the EntryStatus.