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Ping MIB

Objects that represent functionsEdit

1. Description

Some objects are defined as if they are functions after being written: NM writes to those objects to command element to perform function.

2. Example

systemReset in cisco6200MIB.cisco6200MibObjects.c62System
1: ready
2: execute
DescriptionThis parameter allows user to reboot the system with system configuration from NVRAM (non-volatile memory).
It can be used for following purposes:
(1) Undo changes made to the system and not yet saved in the NVRAM.
(2) Force the system to reboot from NVRAM configuration.This command disrupts service to all the subscribers
associated with the system, so it should be use sparingly."

3. Reason for using objects of this type

Network management involves commanding elements to perform functions that vary with elements and systems, which would lead to a large number of commands. By using objects that represent specific functions, NM can achieve same result with easier commands like GET on those objects instead of creating lots of new commands.