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Operations Support Systems (OSS)Edit

Operations Support Systems (OSS) is a collection of softwares often used by telecommunication service providers to support network operation and management tasks. OSS architecture definition was defined by ITU-T and covers 4 layers of TMN model.

  • Business Management Level (BML)
  • Service Management Level (SML)
  • Network Management Level (NML)
  • Element Management Level (EML)

The term OSS is often associated with BSS (Business Support Systems) which focus on handling customer-related processes such as ordering, billing and payments.The two systems together are termed OSS/BSS, BSS/OSS or B/OSS [1]. The processes supported by OSS systems are as followings:

  • Service provisioning
  • Maintenance of the network inventory
  • Configuration of network components
  • Fault management.

New Generation Operations Systems and Software (NGOSS)Edit

By 2005, TeleManagement Forum (TM Forum) developed New Generation Operations Systems and Software (NGOSS) which focuses on building reference models to support a business stakeholder view on process, information and application interaction [2].

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