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Networks differ from many systems:Edit

A network could be definded as a collection of computers and other hardware components interconnected by communication channels that allow sharing of resources and information.

In general the features of network could be concluded as:

1. The open network architecture in order to mark sure the interconnection of networks with different software and dardware environments and different protocols to achieve resource sharing, data communication and distributed processing.

2. Developing towards high-performance. It pursues high speed, high reliability and high security. it also take the multimedia technology to supply comprehensive services including text, audiovideo and ect.

3.The intellectualization of the network, improving the performance and the comprehensive services. At the same time, it also supply a more reasonable managment for all of the operations. So that it can render a distributed and opened services to users

Because of these fetures the network systems differ from many other systems in engineering community.

1.Intermittented problems: The faults are ineluctable and hard to reproduce because they are random and accidental. It is hard to create exactly the same trace of packets seen on a production network.

2.Global Internet: Because of the large area it services, it demands continual access to servers so that it cannot be closed during nights and holidays in order to satisfy various customer. It is also hard to power cycle system return to known state.

3.Discreted units of service: The measure of reliability in a network is more likely to be the percentage of requests that receive response rather than measurinig periods.

These differences make network management challenging such as complex and hard control which is explained in detail in link