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SLA components 2Edit

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)Edit

– Volume/rate of traffic that is permitted/expected
Offered load will affect provider's ability to serve this traffic & that from others.
e.g. phone: Busy hour call attempts (BHCA), call length

An acceptable use policy (AUP) is a set of rules applied by the owner/manager of a network or large computer system that restrict the ways in which the network site or system may be used.

Acceptable Use Policies are a part of the framework of information security policies, which would ask new members of an organization to sign an AUP before they are given access to its information systems.
An AUP must be concise and clear,as well as covering the most important points about what users are and allowed to do with the IT systems of an organization. It should refer users to the more comprehensive security policy where relevant.
BHCA is the measurement used to evaluate the capacity for telephone network. BHCA is the number of telephone calls attempted during the busiest period of the day.
– Purpose of traffic, e.g. business use, transit, copyright infringement An AUP defines the intended uses of the network including unacceptable uses and the consequences for non-compliance.

• Contacts for parties to the agreement

– e.g. for receiving outage warnings, fault reports, requests for change
Service Problem Reporting is a component of SLA, which includes who will be contacted in case of a certain problem, in
addition to steps and formalities that must be followed to guarantee quick resolving of the problem.
Penalties for violating/breaking agreement
– e.g. reduced fees, or compensation
SLA involves financial penalties and the right to terminate when SLAs metrics are consistently missed.
The level of service that SLA provides can be expressed in terms of parameters and metrics based on penalties and liabilities. These levels of service are enforced by an independent authority on the violator party.
When promises were not met for the customers, a service customer may be given extra credits, like the customer can may have the power to terminate the contract, or ask for refunding.