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Choice of MediumEdit

  • This slide defines about the choices of mediums we have available in the physical layer layout.
  • There are two mediums discussed here, wireless & wired medium.
  • Illustrates the communication stack review step by step.

1. Wired Mediums:

  • Usually involves the wires or fibre optics.

  • Affects the management system due to some factors opex, capex etc.

  • Involves some initial cost and some heavy equipment that makes the system a bit saturated and complex. (A lot of connections/points/connectors)

  • Wired mediums need access to services in order to support the NM, for example topology.

2. Wireless Mediums:

  • Good to install.

  • Provides good broadcast but peer to peer connection is needed most of the time.

  • Some problems with these wireless medium can be reported such as , noise, interference , obstacles etc.

  • Omni directional antennas can also be a good example to illustrate transmitting/receiving bugs in wireless medium.

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