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List of SNMP errorsEdit

A list containing all the error status that can apperar in the error field of a PDU header and their descriptions is presented next. The number in brackets shows the OID for corresponding error status.

No errorsEdit

noError(0): No error occurred. This code is also used in all request PDUs, since they have no error status to report.

Access errorsEdit

readOnly(4): An attempt was made to set a variable that has an Access value indicating that it is read-only.

noAccess(6): Access was denied to the object for security reasons.

noCreation(11): A specified variable does not exist and cannot be created.

notWritable(17): The variable cannot be written or created.

Encoding errors Edit

wrongType(7): The object type in a variable binding is incorrect for the object.

wrongLength(8): A variable binding specifies a length incorrect for the object.

wrongEncoding(9): A variable binding specifies an encoding incorrect for the object.

wrongValue(10): The value given in a variable binding is not possible for the object.

Other errorsEdit

tooBig(1): The size of the Response-PDU would be too large to transport.

noSuchName(2): The name of a requested object was not found.

badValue(3): A value in the request did not match the structure that the recipient of the request had for the object. For example, an object in the request was specified with an incorrect length or type.

genErr(5): An error occurred other than one indicated by a more specific error code, i.e. an error that cannot be found in this list.

inconsistentValue(12): A variable binding specifies a value that could be held by the variable but cannot be assigned to it at this time.

resourceUnavailable(13): An attempt to set a variable required a resource that is not available.

commitFailed(14): An attempt to set a particular variable failed.

undoFailed(15): An attempt to set a particular variable as part of a group of variables failed, and the attempt to then undo the setting of other variables was not successful.

authorizationError(16): A problem occurred in authorization.

inconsistentName(18): The name in a variable binding specifies a variable that does not exist.


Error status

Full RFC with the list of errors

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