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What should we operate and control?

"We" here refers to Network Operations and Control people.

Network operating system is the software that runs on a server and enables the server to manage data, users, groups, security, applications, and other networking functions. Things that needs to be managed include:

Definitely Edit

Network devices:
links, routers, switches

Network-centric services:
DHCP (R. Droms: "Automated configuration of TCP/IP with DHCP", IEEE Internet Computing, 3(4):45-53), DNS , firewalls, authentication, NAT, caches (more related to TELE9751 "caches")

Probably Edit

web server (HTTP server), file server, DNS serverAustralian DNS Servers

Arguably Edit

Protocols on end systems:
TCP, UDP, etc

All IT systems?

In a strict concept, we think NOC usually manage things like network devices and services that may support launching the network system. Self-evidently, servers that provide certain services may probably be included into the range of "managed object".

All IT systems are consider as potential objects that can be finally managed efficiently one day. But not these days.