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Some questions about the 2011 version of the Wiki assignmentEdit

For some examples of pages that students have already created, see:


xxXT Rising levels of abstraction

Questions from a student (Aug. 4), and Tim's answers :

1. It says in the course outline that there are two parts of the wiki assignment. What are the two parts?

Both parts involve the same activity, but apply to different slides that you will be assigned. The activity is to summarise the concepts in a slide that you have or will be assigned and to link it to concepts in other slides and other sources on the Internet. The intention of the two parts was that the first part would form a trial in which we would all learn about and refine the requirements, so that these would be better defined for the second part which involves more slides and more marks. I have now effectively introduced a third part, which is that if you summarise a slide that I have now assigned before the week 4 lecture, then I will give you feedback about it which will then help you improve it before it is marked in part 1 of the assignment (which I think is due at the end of week 6).

2. Is one of the two parts to finish the wiki page that has been assigned to each of us?

Not exactly. If the text above doesn't explain it, I'll try again here: The page/slide that you have been assigned will be assessed in part 1, but I may also assign another slide to also form part of that assessment.

3. I see on the right of the wiki in the blackboard there already exist some wiki pages such as xx98 alarming discussion. Are those created by you or by students themselves? I'm not sure about this because I saw different creator names.

I've created most of them, although 2 students have also started creating pages. My intention for the assignment was that each student would create the pages that they have been assigned, rather than me having to create each one.

4. Also I'm not quite sure about the summary that you require us to do before next Monday. Where should we submit it?

Submit it by creating a wiki page for the slide that you have been assigned. I will be able to read it on the wiki and give you feedback there.