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There is one page per Powerpoint slide used in the course lectures, which is a first approximation at providing one page per concept. Some slides cover multiple concepts, and some concepts span multiple slides, but having one page per slide provides a starting point for summarising the concepts without getting drawn into debates about what constitutes a (distinct) concept. The order in which concepts are covered in lectures reveals a sequence and hierarchy of the concepts which can be recorded by outline pages that group together multiple related concepts and by each concept linking to its predecessor and successor as presented in lectures.

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To read content on this wiki: To browse for content about a particular topic, start with the topic headings that are numbered; clicking on them will lead to outline pages that list subtopics and clicking on links will eventually lead to an "xx" page about a particular concept.

Each page starts with a navigation table that gives Next, Previous, Up and Down directions for the current page.

When those directions are followed depth-first (i.e. follow Down directions before Next directions, and go back Up when there are no Down or Next directions), they cover all concepts in the same order as the course.

To write content on this wiki: Other pages state this wiki's conventions for page headers and page content. Most pages are "owned" by a single person who has the responsibility for maintaining the content of that page. For pages that are owned by a single person, other people can post comments about the page, e.g. asking the owner to update that page so that it links to another page that depends on the concept described in the page. The owner of a page should respond to all comments made about their page by recording their response in the table at the bottom of the page.
If you notice "vandalism" in that people modify a page in a way that you believe reduces the value of that page, then first try to ask the person who modified it to explain why they modified it in that way, and if you still disagree with the modification, then please email the lecturer
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  • Suggest an improvement: Use comments to suggest a way to improve a page that you did not create.
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