Background: Know: Management agent, Recognize: SNMP PDUs

Anticipates: SNMP response, tooBig error, error-index, get-request, set-request




SNMP fragmentationEdit

Manager/Agent must support datagrams of at least 484B

IP fragmentation can increase sensitivity to loss which may causes message damage.

– The error 'tooBig' occurs when Response is too large to fit in datagram, and Manager need to separate large request into several smaller requests.

One SNMP message can carry multiple PDUs.

For example, GetRequest + SetRequest

Response to failure of some requests:

if requests fail, there're two PDU types to response this:
– Set: All requests in a message succeed or none.
– Get: SNMPv2 can return values for valid requests and point to erroneous request and also it point to erroneous request with error-index.

To see full list of errors click here or here

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